Corian Chopping Boards

July 1, 2009

Corian Chopping Boards are a great accessory for anybody looking to maximize the use of your grills side shelves.

The 20 x 18 inch Corian Chopping Boards will turn your grill into a functional kitchen.  The corian surface is durable and resists bacteria to keep your food safe and sanitary.  The grooved edge collects liquids so you won’t have to worry about anything staining your grill, and makes it easy to clean.

Whether you’re an avid griller or the weekend warrior, you want to make the most of your grill and it’s accessories.  Instead of not utilizing your side shelves because you are afraid of the lack of sanitization, Corian Chopping Boards are the solution to your worries.  Anybody with a grill that has side shelves should check out Corian Chopping Boards.

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