Ducane Affinity S3400 Gas Grill

June 3, 2009

The Ducane Affinity S3400 Gas Grill is a well constructed high performance grill that might be the right fit for all your outdoor cooking needs.

Three stainless steel burners help pump out 36,000 BTU’s of grilling power.  Porcelain-enameled heat distribution plates inside the Ducane Affinity S3400 Gas Grill disperse heat for nice even cooking.  The primary cooking area is 343 square inches, just enough to cook for a good sized get together or just cooking up a few quick burgers for dinner.  A 12,000 BTU side burner is a nice touch and has a stainless steel cover so if you’re not cooking up sauces, marinades, or side dishes, you’ll have a flush flat work space.  The stainless steel cooking grates are easy to clean and maintain.  A 132 square inch warming rack will help keep the quick cooked foods warm while you finish searing those steaks.

The Ducane Affinity S3400 Gas Grill also comes with the Rotis-A-Grate cooking system which has a motorized rotisserie with shaft and forks, as well as a wood chip tray for smoking food.  The lower cabinet hides the gas canister well and the stainless steel look of the grill will be a nice addition to your back yard.  If you’re looking for a well built, quality grill, with unique features like rotisserie cooking and a wood chip tray, check out the Ducane Affinity S 3400 Gas Grill.

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